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Build-Your-Own Neutrals Essentials Starter Pack

Build-Your-Own Neutrals Essentials Starter Pack

Introducing the Build-Your-Own Neutrals Essentials Starter Pack! This starter pack is the perfect way to get into case inserts so you never get tired of your cases and save some $$$!

The Essentials Starter Pack starts at $27. That includes a standard clear case and 3 case inserts of your choice!

For only $29, you can upgrade to the MagSafe Clear Case!

While we have over a TON of neutral case insert design options, we can only include 20 options for the Starter Pack, so we've carefully chosen some of the most popular and best-selling designs. Feel free to add on additional inserts outside of the starter pack too!

You will automatically get FREE SHIPPING on any orders that include a Starter Pack, and the discount will apply in the cart. 💗💗 *The Starter Pack deal will not be combined with any other codes or offers due to a limitation posed by the website host.

Scroll down to make your selections! ⬇️⬇️

Want the matching Lucky Girl Phone Grip for these cases? Check out the Build Your Own Neutrals Ultimate Starter Pack which includes a clear phone grip and 3 matching grip inserts can be found here: Build-Your-Own Neutrals Ultimate Starter Pack

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