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Build-Your-Own Ultimate Starter Pack

Build-Your-Own Ultimate Starter Pack

Introducing the Build Your Own Ultimate Starter Pack! This starter pack is the perfect way to get into case inserts so you never get tired of your cases and save some $$$!

The Ultimate Starter Pack starts at $37. That includes a MagSafe clear case, a Lucky Girl Phone Grip, 3 case inserts, and the 3 matching phone grip inserts of your choice!

While we have over 150 case insert design options, we can only include 20 options for the Starter Pack, so we've carefully chosen some of the most popular and best-selling designs. Feel free to add on additional inserts outside of the starter pack too!

You will automatically get FREE SHIPPING on any orders that include a Starter Pack, and the discounts will apply in the cart. 💗💗 *The Starter Pack deal will not be combined with any other codes or offers due to a limitation posed by the website host.

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